We are Pete, Bree and Sienna Ammerman

Our goal: is to fulfill the Great Commission and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the last unreached people groups on earth since 2500 languages are still without a single verse of God’s word.

.To accomplish this goal: it takes a large team. Along with roles in tribes such as teaching God’s word, discipleship of new believers, teaching literacy, and translating the scriptures; it also takes a team of dedicated missionaries serving in a variety of supporting roles. This holistic approach allows missionaries living in the tribes to stay full-time for the 25+ years it takes to complete this God-size task. Supporting roles such as pilots, mechanics, IT, teachers, doctors, and USA-based missionaries are just a few of the vital roles that make it possible to reach the goal.

Our role: on this team is to be a resource and support system for the children of missionaries (MKs) through serving on the MK Care Team.   In tribal church planting, it is not just mom and dad who do ministry; their children are an integral part.   However, there are challenges that are inherent when transplanting a family into a different culture.  Our team exists to support and resource missionary families as they navigate this challenge with the goal of seeing healthy MKs and families on and off the mission field. 


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Our Story

Pete: I was born in upstate New York and moved to northern California early on in life. I grew up a “Christian” in title but had little understanding of what that meant. I remember wanting to know for sure what it meant and found my answer in 6th grade after being introduced to Christ at a youth retreat. From then on, I put my faith in Christ alone! The life I was living looked far from “Christian” but I found such freedom when I learned that Jesus gave his life in my place, the fact that I was completely forgiven, and that He wanted a daily relationship with me. Soon after, I was discipled by an older brother in Christ who included me (even though I was young) on a missions trip to Mexico. This is where I was exposed to the need for the spread of the Gospel with the transformational power and hope of Christ to a hurting and dying world. I learned that there were people who have never had an opportunity to hear of Christ and I wanted to be a part of helping to reach them with the gospel.

Bree: I grew up in a loving Christian home in Papua New Guinea, in a missionary family. My parents have been faithful missionaries for 20+ years. Though I grew up seeing the need for the gospel around me, I myself was stuck in misunderstandings about God. I lived a life full of guilt and thought God was disappointed in me. I tried hard to gain His acceptance but fell into a continual cycle of trying hard and then failing. Even though I heard God’s word my whole life, I had not fully grasped for myself some key truths about God’s character and who I am. I came to understand that He created me for a relationship with Him, but because of my sin, I was separated from Him forever. However, He loved me so much that Christ died to pay for my sin and rose again, making a way for me to be saved, free from any efforts on my part. He created me and bought me with the blood of Jesus! What freedom and love I found in Him. I was a sophomore in high school and everything changed. Christ gave me new life to the full, and I wanted to live for Him and see others who have never heard of Christ come to know Him too!

Sienna: Is our beautiful daughter and world!  The Lord blessed us immeasurably in 2018 when He adopted her into our family.  We were at her birth and Bree was able to cut the cord. 

Sienna is our little socialite and has enough energy to power all of Colorado. She LOVES to travel and thoroughly enjoys spending time with groups of college-aged MKs, like when we are running an MK ReEntry event. She often calls them “my big kids” and jumps right into the fun.

Married Life: On June 20th, 2008, we were married and worked full-time in our home church to deepen our relationship with our community and gain further ministry experience. Soon, God directed us to the missionary training offered through New Tribes Mission, now called Ethnos360. We have chosen to work with Ethnos360 because they exist to assist the local churches to reach every last unreached people group, no matter how isolated. Local churches in nearly 30 countries send 3,000 missionaries through Ethnos360 to plant churches among hundreds of tribes in places like Asia, Asia-Pacific, Latin-America, and Africa.

Our Call: As we are sent out from our local congregation, friends, and family, we look forward to being a part of God’s plan to redeem His people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation, for his Glory.