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Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.15.51 PMImagine growing up amongst an indigenous tribe with your family and considering the tribe your home, and then moving to America after high school to go to college! Spending a large part of their formative childhood years in a vastly different culture than their passport country, MKs often develop their cultural identities while living abroad. This leads to a blending of their “home” tribal culture with the culture of the United States.

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Along with the tremendous advantages Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.58.20 PMand a broadened worldview that comes with a multi-cultural upbringing, this often brings culture shock and unique challenges that need to be addressed. When children are struggling, the family is struggling. Many families need to leave the mission field long term to assist their children through the transition.

However, the MK Care Team can partner with the families to help ease this transition and assist to reintegrating them smoothly into their “passport” culture. This is so the families can either stay on the mission field or return to the field sooner with their mind at ease as their kids start life on their own.

We believe successful ministry to missionary kids would be to help reinforce them while on the field spiritually, socially and emotionally, reintegrate them smoothly into their “home” culture, reestablish their foundation of faith, and reconnect those who have lost touch with others in the missionary community, while promoting spiritual enrichment in the life of all MKs, for the Glory of God.

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