Questions about Partnering

Below is what would be our partnering questions FAQs. But if you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out! Email us here

Exploring Partnership – what is “Partnership” anyways?

Our ministry is fully funded by people of God, made up of churches, friends, and family who are willing to donate from their hard-earned resources. As they partner financially, they choose to stand with us as we work towards changing people’s destinies for Eternity. 

We are sent out of Mission Hills Church (Mission Viejo, CA) and partnering with Cornerstone Fellowship Church (Livermore, CA), and Woodman Valley Chapel (Colorado Springs, CO). We are also partnered with around 60 individuals and families around the country.

The resources you invest in Bree and I are focused on one goal: planting churches among the 2100 Ethne (people groups) who still have zero access to the Gospel in their language. That is accomplished by providing vital support and care to our Ethnos360 missionary families and their kids (Missionary Kids – MKs).

What do the funds go towards?

As full-time missionaries with Ethnos360, we are responsible for all living expenses, Ministry costs (Ethnos360 does subsidize parts of our Ministry Budget), organizational operations costs/fees, medical costs/insurance/life, retirement savings, and taxes.

Our current support level is $7,200 per month.
*Support levels are set and monitored by Ethnos360 in agreeance with our sending church (Mission Hills Church – Mission Viejo, CA)

Why monthly giving?

Monthly giving is not the only way, but it is the preferred option. We operate using monthly ministry and family budgets. Having monthly giving allows us to plan and prepare well – stewarding our finances to the best of our ability. When we have annual gifts, we will break it up into monthly increments. We are also grateful for one-time gifts that help with unexpected expenses or fill in when we have gaps.

Do you communicate with your Partners?

We take communication quite seriously. We desire that our partners:
1) Know what we do.
2) Why we do it and how it connects to the Great Commission.
3) Have an idea of how things are going with the ministry.

We work toward this in a few ways.
1) We send out Monthly Updates (via email) that offer a snapshot of the ongoings during that month. It also gives highlights on the kingdom work happening with the Ethnos360 missionary families we serve, as well as updates on our family. *These are also available in Podcast form on Spotify or iTunes.
2) We aim to personally connect at least twice a year with all our partners. That may be texts/calls, mailed cards, or small gifts of appreciation.
3) We maintain a private Facebook Group that serves as a community hub to share our updates, events, and prayer requests.

How much do people give?

There is not a set amount to give and support this ministry. We have a wide range of support from $10 to $500 per month. For us, having partners is not about an amount but rather the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the body of Christ.

How long do people usually give?

There is not a set amount of time for partnerships. We have had many who have been in position to partner for a season of time and others who have been with us since we launched in 2010. We are grateful for all Partnerships.

How do I start partnership?

Are you interested in partnering with us? Simply head over to our Give Page here!

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