I am VERY excited to introduce Bree’s new website and blog!  If you have ever met Bree… you probably have come to realize that God has blessed her with creative artistic talent.  I (Pete, her husband) am always amazed by what she thinks up and creates.  After pushing her to post some of her work for years… she finally gave in and let me setup this site/blog.  The purpose of the site is to simply showcase what God has done through her for His glory.  It’s amazing stuff and I pray it will bless others as it has blessed me over the years.  Please check it out and enjoy her Art, Photography, Graphic arts, and Crafts.

Falling for Waukesha

Fall is here!  We have been in awe of all the brilliant colors that have transformed our neighborhood.  It’s just an amazing sight for us Californians to see.  Bree had a few minutes the other day and took some great shots.  Enjoy!

BW Zone PreSchool Island Stage

This is pics of one of Bree’s latest ventures with her art/photography.  It’s a puppet stage for the PreSchool island on the Zone Brentwood Campus!  Lately, God has opened doors for her to try mediums and challenges that are outside of her normal comfort zone – she’s been hitting them out of the park!!!

Make sure to check out her blog where she post pics of her current projects.

Not only does she sell shirts… Now she make shirts!

Bree has recently found a new addiction in a site called RedBubble. It’s a natural fit for her because it helps connect her creativity with the world of artistic media. Bree has used the site to take her art and graphic designs and make it available in many forms to the public. Check out her profile (Shown as a link on the left panel of this blog) and look into her shirts and purchasable art.

Check out a little selection of her work…
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Art for the Holiday

During this holiday season Bree decided to get her hands back into her art… To me it is the most exciting news around. She is most certainly gifted and it is just amazing to watch her. Her gift is so unique and amazing; I find myself so speechless as she unveils one after another. She has been praying about what God has in store for her gift and how she can use it to serve and Glorify God through it. I just know that it’s amazing and I just can’t wait to see what God is going to do.