Night Of Worship

Bree and I had an awesome opportunity to be apart of the Night Of Worship with Leeland, Phil Wickham, and Matt Maher at Cornerstone.  It was such a blessing to have those guys around and lead us for the night.   
While we were there, I got a phone call from some guys who I used to mentor in years past.  They were at the concert and wanted to meet up.  It turned out to be about 10 or so of the kids that Bree and I had the absolute privilege of leading while they were in Junior Highers in WyldLife (Junior High version of YoungLife).  I cannot tell you how rewarding and fulfilling it is to see the kids of whom you had the chance to pour into… thriving in they’re walks with the Lord.  I felt like I was amongst giants  when I was with them (both spiritually and physically…).  God has “stolen they’re hearts” as Leeland would say it, and they are gearing up to be great vessel for the Lord. 
What a great evening.  When you gather God’s community like that and Worship together… it feel as if your spirit gets reinflated again

Zone Team-Building Day 09

Our Children’s Ministry Team got to go on a surprise Team-Building trip!  It was amazing!  First we started off by going to Sweet n’ Savory for a great breakfast.  Then we went to UmiGo Go-Cart Racing track for the main event!  We had two heats of best-lap and I got 1st in one and 2nd in the other.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!  Those carts were insane!  To top it off, we headed to Toll House Café to grab make-your-own Cookie/Ice Cream Sandwiches!  Mine was Chocolate Chip Cookie, Triple Chocolate Cookie, and Cookie Dough Ice Cream!  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

BW Zone PreSchool Island Stage

This is pics of one of Bree’s latest ventures with her art/photography.  It’s a puppet stage for the PreSchool island on the Zone Brentwood Campus!  Lately, God has opened doors for her to try mediums and challenges that are outside of her normal comfort zone – she’s been hitting them out of the park!!!

Make sure to check out her blog where she post pics of her current projects.