Few new family members to the fam!

We added a few new family members to the fam!

About two months ago we brought home Nooma who is a beautiful baby blue Parakeet. It’s been so neat having the little guy around singing his songs on my shoulder. (no pun intended!)

Then this week, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our little Shih Tzu named Neko! He is the cutest thing in the whole world and just wants to play ALL DAY LONG! Our apartment complex has a restriction that every dog in the complex MUST be at least 1 year old. That was a difficult search – To find a little guy who was older then a puppy… but not too old… and a Shih Tzu that was in our small little budget… We had almost lost hope a few times. But, after many days with hours of searching… the Lord truly lead us to Neko in Okalahoma. After talking to the owner/breeder for a good hour and even finding out Neko was born on our Wedding Day. We realized that he was the right little guy for us! So, on June 30th, I drove to San Francisco International Airport and headed for the baggage services office in the baggage claim area and there he was, Mr. Neko, all ready to go home!

Fresh out of the plane! Welcome to Sunny California!!!

After a little bath and hair cut!

Coming out after his bath and haircut

Getting aquainted with his new home!

Found a new friend in my families Shih Tzu, Razzy!

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