The Holiday Season is near!

As we get closer to the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, I can’t help but get excited! However, I have a feeling that this year is going to be different… I have felt that way for many years now. I mean isn’t this season supposed to be more then just presents under a tree… mounds of food on the table? The obvious answer is yes! Yet, can I say I have lived that out… Not so much. I, like so many, have been enslaved to our materialistic culture. It’s time to change.

I am also very encouraged in that I feel this very concern is brewing in my church congregation as well! We will be launching the series call ReNew that will challenge all of us to “ReNew” our very lives to be in tune with the Heart of God! It is meant to start this Holiday Season but serve as a turning point in our lives to change us from the inside. I am excited yet uncomfortable to deal head-on with some of the issues and habits that have defined me over the past! It’s time to take a hold of my walk and allow the Lord to transform my family and I!

Check out these awesome video’s that will serve as some source of inspiration for you!

This is also a great Podcast Series on this!

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