Top Ten – Pete’n’Bree Top Ten TV Shows

10. Lie to Me
This show is just crazy!  It’s a show about a guy who can tell if you’re telling the truth or lying purely just by observing your face/body gestures. It’s pretty fascinating!

9. White Collar
This newcomer has been pretty darn entertaining!  It’s about two guys who try to work together to find the bad guys.  Oh and by the way… one of them is a criminal and the other is an FBI agent…working together.

8. 60 Minutes
This show never really ceases to bring stories that just blow our minds. Just amazing stuff! We do however turn it off when Andy Rooney comes on at the end… He’s basically a paid complainer…  

7. FlashFoward
This show boasts a very interesting plot. Everyone on earth flashed forward in their lives for two minutes. Know they are left to search for the truth about the incident. Some hope it comes true… some fear it will.

6. House
It’s weird that we like this show so much because it’s basically about a self-centered doctor who does everything his insane way. However, a mix of hoping he comes around and amazing medical problem solving keeps us coming back for more.

5. 30 Rock
This show can just make you laugh so hard you fall down. The show is random, stupid; yet hilarious.

4. Extreme House Makeover
This show has been on a while and we have always loved it.  However, it has recently become one of our truely favorite shows.  It’s our weekly dose of humility, tears, and hope!  It’s not perfect how they approach helping others(can be very materialistic), but it sure gets us thinking and puts our hearts in the right place.

3. Community
Ok… best NEW show of the year.  This show takes cummunity college life and gives it a good twist of humor.  So stinking funny!!!

2. Lost
So, we have to admit… we pushed this show off our radar when it was the nations sensation. We saw a random episode and didn’t LOVE it. Well, after being pure pressured (no other way to describe it) into the show late in the game… we watched episode #1. It intrigued us and so we watched episode #2… Next thing you know we were hooked! Then obsessed! Folks we caught up (5 full seasons) in a matter of 3 months… Yes… 4-5 episodes EVERY NIGHT!!! (Thank you

1. Office
This show just tops the list because it can’t be beat. I know it’s a “hate or love it” type show… but we LOVE! If you appreciate the humor they bring to the show… then you are more then set. Dear Michael Scott… WE LOVE YOU!!!

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