Top Ten – Childhood TV Shows

Because it’s raining and we are REALLY happy that snowboarding season is so near… we decided to make this week a DOUBLE Top Ten!  Not only do you get Bree’s personal Top ten, but you get Peter’s too!  Can you handle that in one week!  Wow!

This week’s Top Ten is “Childhood TV Shows”!  We had a blast coming up with these lists as we remembered all the great shows of our yesterdays!  Enjoy!!!

Bree’s Top Ten
10. Loony Toons

9. Full House

8. Pinky and the Brain

7. Touched by an Angel

6. 7th Heaven

5. Dexter’s Lab

4. Mash

3. Fresh Prince

2. Voyager

1. Home Improvement

Pete’s Top Ten
10. Full House

9. Fresh Prince

8. Dr. Quinn

7. Doug

6. Power Rangers

5. Home Improvement

4. Rocko’s Modern Life

3. Wild and Crazy Kids

2. Boy Meets World

1. Rescue 9-1-1

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