Top Ten -Pete’s Top Ten Hats

Anyone who sees me on a regular basis will laugh at this Top Ten because they know just how often I wear a hat!  If you are one who actually wants to know why I really like to wear hats – it’s because I have VERY thin hair and once it grows beyond a certain length… I can’t gel it anymore.  It just will not hold any more and it looks bad. So, my routine is to get a monthly haircut and gel my hair for about 2 weeks.  After that… it’s hats everyday!
This is the Top Ten Hat choices:
10. Red “Wyldlife” hat

9. Black “Wyldlife” hat

8. Black Nike hat

7. Brown/Tan/Black Beanie hat

6. Grey Surf hat

5. Brown “87” hat

4. Black w/brown stripe Beanie hat

3. Red Aeropostal hat

2. Blue/White Cape Cod hat

1. Blue NF Giants hat

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