Home Again – a MK Documentary

I recently came across this new documentary being made about MKs in Denizen – Third culture Kids Magazine.   Julie Englander, a Chicago-based journalist, is currently filming a documentary on Missionary Kids returning to the U.S. and adjusting to their supposed “home culture.”  She just released a film demo and I am really excited about it!  A lot of the film centers around the MK reentry seminars that Barnabas Int’l and Mukappa Int’l puts on every summer!  In fact, we are excited about an initiative currently happening through Mukappa to help raise the funds needed for these very vital retreats!  It’s called “A Buck and a Stamp” and is a REALLY easy way to get involved and help make these seminars available to as many MKs as possible.  So what are you waiting for?… check it out and send in your dollar!!!

Check out the Demo!

Home Again demo from Julie Englander on Vimeo.

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