Pete here…

This morning I woke up at 5:45am to skype with a mentor/friend of mine who serves in the Philippines.  Since our chat I have been thinking about how important solid male mentors have been in my life.

Through the years I have been incredibly blessed with men who have taken me under their wing.  They took the time to invest into me and help guide me.  Some went out of their ways to meet with me regularly, some coached me in sports, and some just led me through example.  My goal is not to get gushy here…… I mean we are talking about MEN after all…… but I can’t help but realize that I have had some great guys around me encouraging me in my successes and encouraging me in my failures.  Theses guys are far from perfect… and some of them may not even know that they have been instrumental in my life.  Some just lived their lives around me in such a way that impacted me for the better.

This reminiscing has me really thinking about my own footprints and has got me asking questions: who am I having an impact on?  Am I intentionally pursuing younger guys which I can mentor?  Am I leading by example?  …You just never know who is watching and learning from you.

Who are your mentors?
Who are you mentoring?

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