Summer @ Windermere

8.31.13 Summer @ Windermere

We had a great summer serving at Windermere Christian Camp in Missouri.  We were the summer staff coordinators for 56 high school and college aged students. Our apartment was situated right smack in the middle of the dorm area and so we often had students in our home well past midnight playing board games and watching movies.  Our roles consisted of running bible studies, organizing the Sunday staff church, and planning about one event/activity a week.  If that didn’t keep us busy enough, we also managed the camp’s giftshop.  Pete managed the finances and inventory while Bree managed the store staff, designed merchandise, and often ran the register.  So the summer consisted of many hats, but somehow God used the time to grow us tremendously in our faith, patience, and abilities. 

In you’re interested we have pictures on our Facebook

We are now moved back into our little apartment at New Tribes Missionary Training Center for our FINAL semester of training.

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  1. Hi! How fun to hear from you guys! It sounds like you had a great summer and it is fantastic and so encouraging to hear that Pete is healed from the Lyme disease! What happened with the spider bite? I hope you, Pete, recovered from that quickly.



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