PNG Trip 2015


Papua New Guinea – The land of the unexpected! 
DCIM100GOPROOur team had an amazing opportunity to travel to our New Tribes Base in Papua New Guinea to teach/get to know the High School MKs and equip them for their upcoming transitions to their passport countries for college/career.  We had a BLAST hanging out with the students each day and even enjoyed opportunities holding meetings with the parents, Junior highers, and elementary students.


1.3IMG_9155The trip was not without its trusting the Lord moment to moment… 3 days before we were to leave the USA for this trip, Bree fell ill.  Thankfully we had our prayer warriors in full effect and she improved enough the evening of the flight to come along.  The flights were for lack of a better word… hell for Bree. Thought her ears were going to explode. Then when we arrived at the New Tribes Center in PNG, she had a chance to see the doc on center and was diagnosed with a double ear infection and sinus infection.  After he proscribed some antibiotics, she was feeling better pretty soon and was able to help teach and hang with students!  So so thankful for your prayers!

Want to hear more about the trip?  Let us know know!  Would love to talk your ear off…

For now, check out some of the pics from the trip!


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