2015 in Review

This year we held Celebration Events for our awesome ministry partners.  The purpose of these events was to share what God has been up to this year and the vision for next year!  Our desire is that you can be engaged and excited about what you are supporting.
Because many could not make it to the events, we decided to make some videos to share some of the things we shared at the events.


Simply start at the top and work your way down the page checking out the videos!.


Here’s a look at ministry highlights from this year!


Here’s a snapshot of our vision for next year!


Here’s the challenges we are facing this coming year.


What it’s all about!

We wanted to end the update with a two videos that help show why we do what we do.  As we work hard to support and serve our NTM families, they can work hard and reach the lost! 

This first video is an incredible interview about Jesus with a believer in the Moi people of Papua New Guinea. It’s worth a watch! 


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