….And we were worried!?…

12.7.14 And We were worried?

We have some great news! God has given us a place to call HOME in Southern California!

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We have officially been approved to lease a 3BR/1.5BA townhouse in Mission Viejo, CA which is RIGHT where we hoped to be.  Location is perfect and is close to: many of the colleges and Universities we needed to be near for ministry, major airports missionaries use, down the street from Interstate 5 (which is a major artery of travel), it’s south LA so easier to reach San Diego area colleges, and even close to Bree’s extended family!

It’s amazing to me how much we tend to struggle with anxiety and fear when He asks us to walking out in faith… but He has always been so faithful to us and provided for us. This provision is just another example.  If we are honestly… it was such a roller coaster of a process… and we gave into anxiety many times… but God came through as He always does.

Our move date is December 28th which is coming up soon! For the rest of December we will be up in our home area of Northern California with the goal of finishing strong in our season of raising partnerships.

Lastly, we will be needing to furnishing this ministry home and will be starting from close to ground zero.  Right before moving to CA we lost our car when a dear dashed into us on the road and we ended up needing to part ways with the majority of our household possessions…  If you are interested in partnering with us in this way, please check out our “needs list” http://bit.ly/1u6pXdC.

Hume PNG Fundraiser Tanks

8.20.14 Hume PNG Fundraiser Tanks

Hey Everyone!

Great way to support ministry to Missionary Kids.  Hume Lake Christian Camp is heading to Papua New Guinea to minister to New Tribes Missions Missionary Kids in October.  They will be running a Hume Lake style camp for the MKs who are living there with their families.

Bree and I were blessed to be on this team in 2012 and saw first hand how important these opportunities are.

The team is selling Hume PNG Tanktops to raise support for the trip.
-The cost for the tank is $20. [$2.50 for shipping]
-The tank design has the PNG national bird & the Hume Lake drop that derives from the mission statement to be a drop wherever lives are touched and that that would have a ripple effect to spread out & touch more lives.

You can order by emailing Eryn Holm at erynholm@gmail.com.

NTM MK Retreat 2014

8.11.14 NTM MK Retreat

This August, our New Tribes Mission MK Care Team hosted an college-age MK Retreat in Michigan.  What a blessing it was to fellowship together with so many of our NTM MKs all at once!   30 students from around the midwest and east coast made their way to the retreat and had a blast.

Our goals for the retreat were to:
-Have a relaxing few days before school/work starts back up for the students.
-Meet other MKs that have similar experiences and challenges.
-Get to know our MK Care team.
-Eat well and have fun.

…I think our goals were met!

Retreat group pic


Plenty more pictures can be found at http://on.fb.me/1pMlxZr


MK Caregivers Conference ’14

Last month, we had an awesome opportunity to attend the Missionary Kid Caregivers Conference in Kansas City, MO.  More than 50 professionals from seventeen mission agencies profited from formal presentations and informal discussions on the subject of discipleship of missionary kids and families, among other things.

IMG_6275     IMG_6282

We were so blessed as our ministry network exploded with new contacts.  It was one solid week of incredible conversations and brainstorming.  Can’t wait to see what God has in store for all that we learned.

IMG_6287Our New Tribes MK Care team also took advantage of the gathering and held some team meetings of our own which was wonderful considering most of our meetings are held over conference calls.

MK Scholarship at Liberty U

2.2.14 MK Scholorship

Attention College-Aged New Tribes Mission MKs!

Liberty University is announcing the establishment of the “Missionary Scholarship” beginning in spring 2014.  This is a new full-tuition scholarship for children of missionaries. College-age children who attend Liberty University will benefit from this new program if their parents are serving on a foreign mission field outside of the United States.

Under the Missionary Scholarship, the University will provide a full-tuition scholarship of up to $80,000, disbursed over the four consecutive years of a bachelor’s degree (approximately $20,000 per year less other federal, state, and Liberty institutional gift assistance).  Essentially, Liberty will take care of the cost of tuition for missionary kids (MKs), leaving parents to cover only the cost of room, board, and fees.

To be eligible, students must be U.S. Citizens and children of missionaries serving on a foreign mission field outside of the United States through one of Liberty’s listed strategic missions partners; apply for standard aid through the FAFSA and VTAG application as applicable; new undergraduate resident students; beginning first-time enrollment on or after the Spring 2014 semester; maintaining full-time consecutive enrollment; and maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

Please know that our commitment to missionary kids is stronger than ever.  Liberty’s commitment to missions support and real options for our students is unwavering.  Between Liberty’s loan forgiveness program for missionary graduates and this new program for MKs, it’s possible that no other university in Christian history has provided such generous support to missionary families.  This makes us very proud and should make you feel like Liberty is committed to helping you reach the world.

To apply for this scholarship, students may obtain an application online from in the Forms Library at this link.

More on the Liberty University website