Hume PNG Fundraiser Tanks

8.20.14 Hume PNG Fundraiser Tanks

Hey Everyone!

Great way to support ministry to Missionary Kids.  Hume Lake Christian Camp is heading to Papua New Guinea to minister to New Tribes Missions Missionary Kids in October.  They will be running a Hume Lake style camp for the MKs who are living there with their families.

Bree and I were blessed to be on this team in 2012 and saw first hand how important these opportunities are.

The team is selling Hume PNG Tanktops to raise support for the trip.
-The cost for the tank is $20. [$2.50 for shipping]
-The tank design has the PNG national bird & the Hume Lake drop that derives from the mission statement to be a drop wherever lives are touched and that that would have a ripple effect to spread out & touch more lives.

You can order by emailing Eryn Holm at

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