If you were living under a rock and missed the USA’s match against Algeria yesterday… then you miss something thing truly special. I have loved soccer all of my life and have watched many games but… this… was… the most amazing game ever. USA who face certain elimination from the World Cup without a win, scored in STOPAGE TIME to win the game! With the emotion of a stressful game, missed chances, and two robbed goals… it all made for one magical moment.

Check out THE GOAL!

Check out the reaction!

(My moment resembled the “random dude in Arkansas”) 


Bree’s Childhood wrapped up in a Video – Papua New Guinea

This is an amazing short-film put together by some guys who went through a program call Interface with New Tribes Bible Institute.  It’s a chance for young people who are going through school and training to go overseas as part as their education.  They get to learn and understand what life as a missionary is like and what the needs are.  This film is actually filmed in the very town/area that Bree grew up in!  The highlands of Papua New Guinea, in a town called Goroka.  In fact, as we were watching this film, Bree would suddenly yell; “OHHHH!!! I know her!” or “That is my school!” or even “That is our marketplace!!!”  She was on her feet the entire time!  Remember, this is truly home to her!  She lived there for the majority of her life and has not been able so see her home in 5 years now!  Please check it out and enjoy this REALLY well done film.