Random Video – Joshua Boys Sing it Up!

Ok, I have to give you the context to this video.  This is a video I shot while I was with a bunch of my Joshua buddies on our way back from a mission trip.  During the program we couldn’t listen to music, but the driver gave us a special song. This is what happened when a bunch of guys hear music for the first time in a quite a long time!

Random Video – Soccer Goal in Kenya

This week, I found a video that I shot from a soccer match at Rohi Children’s Home in Kenya when we hosted another school for a match.  This video captures a typical celebration to a “standard” goal… (keep in mind that this was just a goal… not the end of the game or anything…)  EVERYONE rushes onto the field screaming and runs in circles!  Wish we did this in America!

Ocho Cinco ain’t got nothing on these kids!!!

Random Video – Sword Fight

This is a new segment to our blog that we are starting.  We were spending some time organizing our pictures and realized that we have a lot of great video in our archive!  We thought you might enjoy them… So every Tuesday we will post a weekly video.  The videos will be from Joshua, Africa, Ecuador, Cornerstone, family, our pets, and anything else from our past!
So, to start this off, we found this great video that Pete filmed while in the Joshua Wilderness Institute.  We had this speaker from Texas who was majorly into sword fighting and he brought his trainer swords!  So one night, we thought it would fun to hold a Joshua tournament…  Well… it turned into a bash-the-other-person fest!  So funny!!!  This is Dallas and Cory going at it!

Spring Break in the Zone

For Spring Break we took the week off in Quest. However, in it’s place we had two outreach events! We had Gross Game Night for the boys and Glam Night for the girls! Check out the videos below! With both events packed with fun and excitement along with meaningful devotions, these experiences were off the hook!