Fishin’ the Delta

Pete has had the opportunity a couple times now to go and hang out with his good friend, “Stan-the-Man” on his fishing boat out on the delta!  We pick up strippers while trolling the banks. Fun FUN times!

Random Video – Joshua Boys Sing it Up!

Ok, I have to give you the context to this video.  This is a video I shot while I was with a bunch of my Joshua buddies on our way back from a mission trip.  During the program we couldn’t listen to music, but the driver gave us a special song. This is what happened when a bunch of guys hear music for the first time in a quite a long time!

Top Ten – Pete’s Ten Favorite Websites

Top Ten – Pete’s Top Ten Websites-
Online Collaborative Tool – Future of e-mail.
Online storage of your files that you can assess from any computer AND iPhone.
Watch all of your TV Shows online for free. 
Keeps your life organized and under control.
A way to manage those little things in life through a “To-Do” Note system.
One place to find good flight deals across the web.
One place to manage all of your financial budget, investments, and assets.
Social Network that keeps you connected to everyone!
A free radio station of songs that you create and actually like!  
Micro-Blogging at it’s best!

Top Ten – Pete’s Favorite NFL Teams

Due to the facf that Football is fresh on Pete’s mind AND because Fantasy Football playoffs start this weekend; we thought it would be fitting to have an NFL themed Top Ten List this week! Since Bree can’t stand football… this list only pertains to Pete! (and MEN!)

Pete’s Top Ten NFL Teams-
#10. Pittsburgh Steelers

#9. Oakland Raiders

#8. Dallas Cowboys

#7. Indianapolis Colts

#6. New Orleans Saints

#5. Tennessee Titans

#4. San Diego Chargers

#3. San Francisco 49ers

#2. New England Patriots

Pete’s #1. New York Giants