For those of you who are not tired of the Bay Area snow hype from last Monday; here are a few more pictures accumulated from our camera and our facebook friends.
For those of you outside of California… I COMPLETLY understand that is absolutely NOT astonishing at all. However, for us Californians… (Specifically Bay Area folk) This is miraculous! This doesn’t happen but every 10 years or so if we’re LUCKY!

Random Video – Soccer Goal in Kenya

This week, I found a video that I shot from a soccer match at Rohi Children’s Home in Kenya when we hosted another school for a match.  This video captures a typical celebration to a “standard” goal… (keep in mind that this was just a goal… not the end of the game or anything…)  EVERYONE rushes onto the field screaming and runs in circles!  Wish we did this in America!

Ocho Cinco ain’t got nothing on these kids!!!

Top Ten -Pete’s Top Ten Hats

Anyone who sees me on a regular basis will laugh at this Top Ten because they know just how often I wear a hat!  If you are one who actually wants to know why I really like to wear hats – it’s because I have VERY thin hair and once it grows beyond a certain length… I can’t gel it anymore.  It just will not hold any more and it looks bad. So, my routine is to get a monthly haircut and gel my hair for about 2 weeks.  After that… it’s hats everyday!
This is the Top Ten Hat choices:
10. Red “Wyldlife” hat

9. Black “Wyldlife” hat

8. Black Nike hat

7. Brown/Tan/Black Beanie hat

6. Grey Surf hat

5. Brown “87” hat

4. Black w/brown stripe Beanie hat

3. Red Aeropostal hat

2. Blue/White Cape Cod hat

1. Blue NF Giants hat

Nikko’s first Babysitter

Over Thanksgiving, Bree and I went down to SoCal to visit family for a few days.  Nikko had his first chance to be babysat.  He stayed with my folks… but more importantly… Razzy!  (Razzy is my parents dog)  Here are a few pics of their adventures.

Zone Team-Building Day 09

Our Children’s Ministry Team got to go on a surprise Team-Building trip!  It was amazing!  First we started off by going to Sweet n’ Savory for a great breakfast.  Then we went to UmiGo Go-Cart Racing track for the main event!  We had two heats of best-lap and I got 1st in one and 2nd in the other.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!  Those carts were insane!  To top it off, we headed to Toll House Café to grab make-your-own Cookie/Ice Cream Sandwiches!  Mine was Chocolate Chip Cookie, Triple Chocolate Cookie, and Cookie Dough Ice Cream!  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Earthquakes vs. Columbus Crew / FC Barcelona vs. Chivas

I was organizing some of our photos and I realized that I have not blogged about my chance to see Europe’s infamous FC Barcelona take on Mexico’s infamous Chivas!  Jer’s (my little bro) and I went to this double-header in SF to see our hometown Earthquakes vs. MLS champs ’08, Columbus Crew followed by the BIG GAME – FC Barcelona vs. Chivas.  We saw the likes of Thierry Henry, Lionel Messi, Joe Cannon, and Darren Huckerby.