Random Video – Sword Fight

This is a new segment to our blog that we are starting.  We were spending some time organizing our pictures and realized that we have a lot of great video in our archive!  We thought you might enjoy them… So every Tuesday we will post a weekly video.  The videos will be from Joshua, Africa, Ecuador, Cornerstone, family, our pets, and anything else from our past!
So, to start this off, we found this great video that Pete filmed while in the Joshua Wilderness Institute.  We had this speaker from Texas who was majorly into sword fighting and he brought his trainer swords!  So one night, we thought it would fun to hold a Joshua tournament…  Well… it turned into a bash-the-other-person fest!  So funny!!!  This is Dallas and Cory going at it!

Top Ten – Childhood TV Shows

Because it’s raining and we are REALLY happy that snowboarding season is so near… we decided to make this week a DOUBLE Top Ten!  Not only do you get Bree’s personal Top ten, but you get Peter’s too!  Can you handle that in one week!  Wow!

This week’s Top Ten is “Childhood TV Shows”!  We had a blast coming up with these lists as we remembered all the great shows of our yesterdays!  Enjoy!!!

Bree’s Top Ten
10. Loony Toons

9. Full House

8. Pinky and the Brain

7. Touched by an Angel

6. 7th Heaven

5. Dexter’s Lab

4. Mash

3. Fresh Prince

2. Voyager

1. Home Improvement

Pete’s Top Ten
10. Full House

9. Fresh Prince

8. Dr. Quinn

7. Doug

6. Power Rangers

5. Home Improvement

4. Rocko’s Modern Life

3. Wild and Crazy Kids

2. Boy Meets World

1. Rescue 9-1-1

Nikko’s Visit to the Cal Capitol

Since we wanted to run over to Sacramento to shop at Sierra Snowboard for Bree’s Birthday; we decided to bring Nikko with us!

After shopping, we decided to stop downtown and walk around the Capitol!  They have a massive grove out front that has EVERY tree species that grows in California!  They also have a Rose Garden that has every rose species in California.  It was awesome!

Nikko was having a field day chasing squirrels!

Welcome to San Diego Tree’s…

Pete heads to Oklahoma

Well it was whirlwind of a trip!  After a Brentwood Zone event that ended at 9pm; Pete shot over to the Pittsburgh BART station and headed for SFO.  After a 12:35am flight out… he found himself in Houston, TX. (Of by the way… Pete can’t sleep on planes!)

Good Morning Houston!

Then he jumped on one of the smallest planes he’s ever seen.
Oh, hello there ENGINE!

Once he hit the ground he saw this sign and new he had officially arrived in Oklahoma!

It was now 1pm and Pete was in a wedding at 3pm!  So, he jumped in the car and headed out into the country.
Funny thing happened while taking this picture… it was a true backroad in the middle of nowhere and all of the sudden… sirens stared going off… You know… the ones you hear while watching “storm chasers” on the discovery channel!!!  I looked at the other groomsman who was driving and he was not even phased!!!  “Oh ya, I seen a good amount of them before.”  Thank God, nothing turned happened.
After a beautiful wedding (no pics because Pete was too busy being IN the wedding!) Pete headed out to downtown Oklahoma to take in the sights and hang with Brandon’s (the groom) family.
Awesome Place!!!
Then the next morning, Pete jumped on a plane bound for Minneapolis/St. Paul.  It was one of the coolest airports ever!

This was so cool!  As people walk by, their shadow virtually knocks the flower arrangement around! 

Yup!  This pic REALLY makes me want to live here…

So this guy made my coffee.  As we talked, I found out that he worked at the Big 5 in Antioch (less then a block from my home) and his folks STILL live in Discovery Bay! (where we lived for a year!) 

Then Pete jumped on a San Fran bound plane.  Once in SFO, he jumped on an hour and a half Bart ride home.  Pete finally arrive back at home and headed for bed! 

BW Zone PreSchool Island Stage

This is pics of one of Bree’s latest ventures with her art/photography.  It’s a puppet stage for the PreSchool island on the Zone Brentwood Campus!  Lately, God has opened doors for her to try mediums and challenges that are outside of her normal comfort zone – she’s been hitting them out of the park!!!

Make sure to check out her blog where she post pics of her current projects. http://breeelizabethphotography.blogspot.com/