In the Windy City!

Hey Guys! So, I had the chance to go to Willow Creek Community church in Chicago a week ago for a Children’s Conference! It was quite the experience! I am still trying to download all of the amazing insights that we can use to improve our effectiveness to reaching Kids for Christ.

First off, when we landed in Chicago, we were walking through the airport and all the sudden, we ran into THE AMAZING RACE! All the teams were racing to get to San Pablo, Brazil, and we just happened to be standing by their gate! It was unforgettable.

Then we headed to Willow Creek Church, and WOW!!! That place was huge; 25,000 member congregation. It was just unbelievable to see something like that. But better then that, it was cool to see so many people fired up to serve kids that week, and 44 countries represented as well!

The big bad Cornerstone Childnen’s team! For the record… 1# in laser tag!

They even have a lake stocked with fish!

Check out this video of the one and only legendary Glen Keane. He is one of Disney’s most prominent animators, and was responsible for characters such as Ariel (The Little Mermaid), The Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Aladdin (Aladdin), Tarzan (Tarzan), and many more! (Video)

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