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I recently came across a great post on Hume Lake Blog about our trip to Papua New Guinea! It is written by Rachel, our teams fearless leader and Hume rockstar! READ it here.  I also found an awesome video from the PNG trip that Hume is using during winter camp to introduce missions to the students at Hume this winter!  WATCH it here! We’re in this video a couple of times!  Can you find us?…

Trip of a Lifetime! – PNG ’12

We just returned safely from an unforgettable trip to Papua New Guinea! We were a part of the Hume Lake International team that went over to put together a summer camp for the New Tribes Mission’s missionary kids.

(check out our pictures here – and the videos  below)

This amazing opportunity allowed me a chance to finally see where Bree spent her childhood, and this was the first time Bree has been back after almost 8 years. This trip  also gave us a chance to do the kind of support ministry to MK’s that we are looking to do long-term.  Camp was incredible! These kids brought so much energy (which is important for a Hume Lake camp) but also brought a sincere openness to seek the Lord and hear the message.  Since most of these Missionary Kids understand the gospel already, our message was centered around making the faith their own, a personal faith.  What an encouragement it was to hang out with these kids and get a chance to challenge to personal faiths in Christ.  Could not have asked for a better experience.

Here is the Recap Video from camp!!!

2012 Hume Lake Papua New Guinea – Spiritual Emphasis Week from Hume Lake on Vimeo.

After camp ended, we had the opportunity to fly into a small remote tribe in the PNG highlands called Simbari.  This will stand as one of the most incredible days of my life.  We flew little Cessna 206’s into a remote airstrip in the middle of mountains and canyons and then spent the entire day rubbing shoulders with the believers in the village alongside the New Tribes missionaries currently living there.  We learned about their lives, played sports, sang songs and listened to them sing, heard some of their testimonies, and fellowshipped by the fire.  Leaving and saying goodbye was the hardest part.

Lastly, Bree and I got to stick around an extra week in the capital city, Port Moresby with Bree’s parents.  They currently serve with New Tribes Mission there as the mission’s Government Representatives.  They showed us all around their home area and what they do day-to-day.  They also had an anniversary that week and we celebrated by taking a boat to a local resort island just outside Port Moresby for the day.  It was a fast but awesome week.

This truly was one of those milestone experiences in life that we will remember forever.  For many reasons, this trip was a trip of a lifetime.  Thanks to all who came behind us and made it possible.

  • Check out the trip pictures HERE!
  • Here is a GREAT video of our trip made by Eryn our teammate!

Papua New Guinea 2012 from Eryn Holm on Vimeo.

Headed to PNG!!!

A dream is being realized as we are making our way to Bree’s childhood home of Papua New Guinea.  We cannot believe the opportunity that God has given us as we partner with Hume Lake International Ministries ( and New Tribes Mission ( to run Hume Lake style camp for Missionary Kids living in PNG.  We will be gone from October 7th – 29th.

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  • Our team will be running spiritual emphases week for High School Missionary kids at a New Tribes conference center in the Highlands of PNG.  We will be using the same theme/curriculum used by Hume Lake this last summer – The Phantastical Journey of the Wandering Lites.
  • Bree and I have also been given the opportunity to head over to the separate Jr. High Camp on one of the days as the camp speakers.  We will be tag-team teaching on “OWNING your faith.”
  • After the camps are done, our team will get to spend a few days at Numonohi Christian Academy. This is where Bree went to school – elementary through High School!  We will be able to hang with the students and continue to build relationships with them.
  • New Tribes is planning to fly our team into a tribal work for a few days to see and experience the work of church-planting first hand.
  • Lastly, Bree and I will be spending an extra week in PNG with Bree’s parents whom are New Tribes Missionaries.  They live in the capital and serve as the government representatives for New Tribes.


  • Travel mercies.
  • Successful and impactful ministry to the Missionary Kids.
  • Great team dynamics.
  • Health for our team throughout the trip.

Papua New Guinea Update!

We are VERY excited to announce that God has provided for Bree and I to go to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for three weeks this October!  We will be apart of a Hume Lake Christian Camp team that will be bringing Hume Lake style camp to the Missionary Kids there.  It’s called SEW (Spiritual Emphases Weekend) and the purpose is to give Missionary Kids the opportunity to have camp much like american kids have here in the states.  Bree and I will primarily be focused on being Lead counselors however, we will be sharing many other hats as well.  Along with the camp, we also get a chance to go into a tribe and experience Tribal Missions in person.  Lastly, we will spend time with Bree’s parents in Port Moresby, PNG’s capitol, to be a fly-on-the-wall in their ministry as New Tribes government representatives.

So thankful that God has made this trip a reality for us.  It will be a very valuable experience in our future career and an amazing opportunity to finally see Bree’s childhood home.