Ministry Moment: Summer ’12

We have been incredibly encouraged as we watched God faithfully guide us this last year.  The journey that He has placed us on has been very unconventional and has kept us out of our comfort zones.  As we think back on the last three months, we are thankful that we had the opportunity to be a part of three different Missionary Kid (MK) retreat events; a college MK Winter Retreat in Indiana in which we brought 25 MKs from NTBI, a college MK Summer Retreat in Pennsylvania for New Tribes own MKs, and a MK Transition Seminar with Barnabas International at Biola University.


We had a blast at all three and are grateful for the opportunity.  We were also very encouraged by great meetings and conversations with New Tribes leadership as to were we can fit into the mission after we finish training.  The current vision and plans for this developing ministry excite us.  There are many great ideas brewing and we cannot wait to see what God has in store.

Here are a few highlights:

On the Road Again:

What an amazing season God has granted us.  Since our last newsletter we have competed our requirements at New Tribes Bible Institute and graduated!  Our NTBI experience was capped off with an amazing time of fellowship with Bree’s parents along  with Pete’s mother and brothers who came to Milwaukee to celebrate with us. After grad, we began a two month long season of travel as we made our way back home in northern California.  It took us coast to coast, 5500 miles in the car, and 16 different beds. Our stops included Chicago, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Niagara Falls, Missouri, Denver, Salt Lake City, Hume Lake, San Diego, the High Desert, Los Angeles, and northern California.


We were able to spend time with many close friends and family across the country and as well as an incredible time with Bree’s entire family in San Diego who haven’t been together in 2 year.  Bree’s parents, who serve as missionaries in Papua New Guinea, are currently on a short furlough and Bree’s older brother and his wife and kids joined us as well. Finally we made our way back up to Northern California where we plan to work and share the vision of the ministry.  God willing, in December we will be funded and head to Missouri to begin our final training program at the New Tribes Missionary Training center. This training will take us a year to complete.

Wayumi – Tribal Church-Planting

Bree and I were given the opportunity to take a tribal church-planting course called Wayumi in Pennsylvania this spring break.  It is a program that New Tribes Mission (NTM) has created that allows college-aged students to get an inside look into what it takes to take the gospel into the unreached world.   The fact is that out of the 6900+ languages in the world, there is still 2100+ that do not even have a single word of the bible translated into their own language.  All while we in America have 200+ different English translations to choose from.

During our week-long training, we took classes on the different steps that NTM missionaries take when they reach a unreached people group such as: pre-field training (this is where Bree and I are now), moving to the country, National language and culture acquisition, moving into a tribe, tribal language and culture acquisition, literacy, translation, teaching/evangelism, church leadership, and finally establishing a self-sustaining church.  This can take 10-25 years to take place.   Along with the classes, we also had a blast sleeping in hammocks in jungle camp, preparing a traditional Papua New Guinea meal called a MuMu, and practicing phonetics in mock Venezuelan tribes. (Yanomamo and Joti)


All in all, this was a fantastic week in which we walked away completely refocused.  I wish many others could take this course because you cannot take it and walk away the same.

If you are at all interested – check out their website or Facebook page.

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