MK College Winter Retreat ’12

Bree and I had the opportunity to go with 28 other MKs from NTBI- Waukesha to an MK Winter Retreat in northern Indiana.  It was quite the adventure as it started off with a BANG!  We found ourselves in the middle of a mighty Midwest winter storm during our travels… it turned a 5 hour trip into a 12 hour trip!!!  However, against the odds, we didn’t end up having to turn back and made it to the camp safe and sound at 3am!

The retreat focused on fellowship, fun, re-connection (with old friends from childhood), and rejuvenation.  We had the chance to connect with 173 MKs from 18 colleges and representing 77 different countries!   What a Blessing!

Chow Time!

We played all kinds of games, gorged on GREAT food, celebrated what seemed like a never-ending collection of cultures, and were challenged by a great speaker named Toby Locke.  However, if you were to ask most of us… what took the cake was the HUGE game of snow futbol in the foot-and-a-half feet of snow.

Snow Soccer!We loved getting to know so many great students from our school and hope to get to know them even better this year!

MK Winter Retreat 2012 – Please Pray

This weekend Bree and I have the awesome opportunity to go with about 30 MKs from NTBI to a College MK Retreat in Indiana!  It will be a great event in which we will get to connect with 200 MKs from all around the Midwest.

Please pray specifically for:

  • Travels back and forth from WI to IN.
    • It looks like there could be some snow activity on our travel days.  Pray it changes and we have good travel conditions! 🙂
  • The fellowship.
  • The message that will be brought by Toby Locke.
  • Deepened relationships with the Lord for all.
  • Networking opportunities with others involved in ministry to MKs.

Operation Capture Sean

This holiday season Bree and I got a special gift!  Bree’s little brother Sean has decided to attend the New Tribes Bible Institute with us this coming semester!  What was even better was that he wanted to come early and hang with us for Christmas and New Years!  Since it’s a long and boring drive from California… plans were made for Pete to fly out and join Sean for the road trip to Wisconsin.

First, Pete flew to Northern California for a few days to visit his family and friends as well as a chance to update our supporters.  Then, Pete flew to San Diego where Sean and he started the trek.  They traveled the southern-most route through AZ, NM, TX, OK, MO, IL, and finally into WI and made it just in time for Christmas Eve!

Check out their pictures!

NTBI Student Leadership Training

And… we’re back at NTBI!  After a busy-busy summer, we are back in the saddle in Wisconsin and ready for our last year of training here.  One of the most exciting parts of this year is that we have been invited to be a part of this year’s NTBI Student Leadership Team.  Our leadership “role” will be Sports Department and Campus Life Events Team.  Additionally, we were able to go through the Leadership Training Program they have for student leaders.

For the first 6 days of training we took classes on leadership such as Identity, Ministry, Vibrancy, Ownership, Body Life, and Leadership vs. Management.

Along with the classes we worked through a great book called “Leadership as an Identity”.  One of the themes that we took away was from the book was that a lot of the major milestones in our growth as spiritual leaders tend to steamed from times when we realize our personal brokenness and turned to God for strength and leadership.

We also did team building exercises.  For one we had to work as teams to build a platform out of a certain amount of string and three 2x4s and transport a teammate across a field without them touching the ground.  Also, there could not be any more than two points touching the ground at one time.

During another we had to build a floating raft in which we had to get all of the team around a cone in a lake and back without getting wet except two people who could pull the raft in the water.  The materials were 10 Trash bags, 1 tarp, and two rolls of duct tape.

As a group we also went down to the lake front in Milwaukee for a social during sunset.

For the last 4 days we all went camping together at a lake in east Wisconsin.  This gave us a chance to get to know the other leaders and staff in a relaxed fun setting.  The lake was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

What was also fun was seeing the influence of the MKs who setup hammocks all around instead of the traditional “tents” that I’m used to.  I have to say… it was awesome and I think I may just take a hammock setup next time I go camping.

We are so thankful and blessed to be a part of the team this year.  What a great opportunity it is to be poured into by the staff and other students.

2011 East Coast Trip

    We officially cap off the busy part of our summer.  It has been such a blessing to have the opportunity to see so many of you this summer.  We truly loved our time in California and back East.  Thanks for all the encouraging times of fellowship and fun!  We sure missed Cornerstone Fellowship this year and it was such a blessing to be with you all.

It is nice to be back in our “home” (well… our current place of residence)… after being out of suitcase for 65 days, setting foot in 12 states, and having slept in 11 different beds… it will be nice to relax for a short time here before classes start back up.  🙂

Here is a quick recap on our East Coast trip:
This year we finally made it out to the East Coast where Pete has an entire side of family and childhood that Bree hadn’t yet experience.  What a fun time it was!  We started out by heading to upstate New York with Pete’s mother and younger brother to visit his Uncle, Grandfather, and cousins.  Then it was off to Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts where Pete has cousins who live on a fully functional family farm where they are known in the region for their pure maple syrup and bagpipes! While at the farm we were able to catch Meghan’s beautiful wedding.  Then we drove to wonderful Cape Cod, Massachusetts!  Pete has a very rich and deep heritage on the Cape as his family line can be traced back to the one of the original five families who settled Cape Cod.  While on the Cape we were able to be a part of Pete’s grandmother’s burial who had passed away recently. Later we drove to Waterford, Connecticut to be a part of our good friend’s beachfront wedding.  Congrats to Sam and Juls Bradley.  Lastly, we spent a few more days on the Cape before heading for Boston and on to Milwaukee for one last school year here in Wisconsin.

Check out some pictures of the trip:

Here’s to another great year!