MK College Winter Retreat ’12

Bree and I had the opportunity to go with 28 other MKs from NTBI- Waukesha to an MK Winter Retreat in northern Indiana.  It was quite the adventure as it started off with a BANG!  We found ourselves in the middle of a mighty Midwest winter storm during our travels… it turned a 5 hour trip into a 12 hour trip!!!  However, against the odds, we didn’t end up having to turn back and made it to the camp safe and sound at 3am!

The retreat focused on fellowship, fun, re-connection (with old friends from childhood), and rejuvenation.  We had the chance to connect with 173 MKs from 18 colleges and representing 77 different countries!   What a Blessing!

Chow Time!

We played all kinds of games, gorged on GREAT food, celebrated what seemed like a never-ending collection of cultures, and were challenged by a great speaker named Toby Locke.  However, if you were to ask most of us… what took the cake was the HUGE game of snow futbol in the foot-and-a-half feet of snow.

Snow Soccer!We loved getting to know so many great students from our school and hope to get to know them even better this year!

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