Missionary Kid Caregiver Consultation 2012

I just wanted to bring to attention a great event called the Missionary Kids Caregiver Consultation (MKCC) that is happening this week in Kansas City, MO.  Many of the folks involved in ministry to MKs in some way will be gathering to brainstorm and grapple with the advantages and difficulties typically faced by MKs today.  PLEASE write this down and take a moment to pray during the week for the following:

  • Please pray for great fellowship and networking of MK care leaders.
  • Please pray for collaborations that result in breakthroughs and ideas!
  • Please pray for workshops and training opportunities.
  • Please pray for a new excitement and energy to burst forth and result in new passion and new leaders!
  • Please pray for safe travels for all.

ALSO, don’t forget that there is a REALLY simple way to get involved in care to Missionary Kids!  This great (and EASY) opportunity helps pave the way for MKs to attend a MK Transition Seminar this coming summer!

These MK Transition Retreats are held in the US in three different locations where they have the opportunity to  learn to understand their story, share their story, and live their story.

By sending in $1 you can partner with Barnabas International and Mukappa in raising the $60,000 needed to fund these retreats.

1. place a dollar bill in an envelope.
2. address it to:
Buck & a Stamp
c/o Barnabas Int.
PO Box 11211
Rockford, IL 61126
3. stamp
4. send!

Send in your dollar anytime between now and July 1, 2012 to help raise money for transitioning MKs.  (Check out the Facebook Event Page)

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