Wayumi – Tribal Church-Planting

Bree and I were given the opportunity to take a tribal church-planting course called Wayumi in Pennsylvania this spring break.  It is a program that New Tribes Mission (NTM) has created that allows college-aged students to get an inside look into what it takes to take the gospel into the unreached world.   The fact is that out of the 6900+ languages in the world, there is still 2100+ that do not even have a single word of the bible translated into their own language.  All while we in America have 200+ different English translations to choose from.

During our week-long training, we took classes on the different steps that NTM missionaries take when they reach a unreached people group such as: pre-field training (this is where Bree and I are now), moving to the country, National language and culture acquisition, moving into a tribe, tribal language and culture acquisition, literacy, translation, teaching/evangelism, church leadership, and finally establishing a self-sustaining church.  This can take 10-25 years to take place.   Along with the classes, we also had a blast sleeping in hammocks in jungle camp, preparing a traditional Papua New Guinea meal called a MuMu, and practicing phonetics in mock Venezuelan tribes. (Yanomamo and Joti)


All in all, this was a fantastic week in which we walked away completely refocused.  I wish many others could take this course because you cannot take it and walk away the same.

If you are at all interested – check out their website or Facebook page.

See the rest of our trip pictures HERE!

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