Papua New Guinea Update!

We are VERY excited to announce that God has provided for Bree and I to go to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for three weeks this October!  We will be apart of a Hume Lake Christian Camp team that will be bringing Hume Lake style camp to the Missionary Kids there.  It’s called SEW (Spiritual Emphases Weekend) and the purpose is to give Missionary Kids the opportunity to have camp much like american kids have here in the states.  Bree and I will primarily be focused on being Lead counselors however, we will be sharing many other hats as well.  Along with the camp, we also get a chance to go into a tribe and experience Tribal Missions in person.  Lastly, we will spend time with Bree’s parents in Port Moresby, PNG’s capitol, to be a fly-on-the-wall in their ministry as New Tribes government representatives.

So thankful that God has made this trip a reality for us.  It will be a very valuable experience in our future career and an amazing opportunity to finally see Bree’s childhood home.



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