It’s Mr. and Mrs. Ammerman if you please!

It’s been the craziest month of our lives! It has been packed full of exciting and fun times. Our wedding was nothing less then perfect and our honeymoon was more relaxing then I could have ever imagined. Thank you to all who came and made it truly special for us. We are all so thankful for all of you.


Kauaii was the destination…

My life long dream (besides Bree) was to drive a Jeep… How about driving it for a week on an island!?!?

This was the view from our beautiful hotel room! It was amazing!!!

Me + Coffee = HAPPY!!!

We hiked NaPali Coast and wow is all I have to say! We found and picked guava and mango right from the jungle and had lunch!!! Very Resourceful don’t you think?

We found this new toy in a hobbie shop and fell in love. It’s a trainer Kiteboarding kite! It will pull you around on a mountainboard/surf board/snowboard… More fun to come with this one (hopefully no hospital visits).

It’s things like this don’t get forgotten.

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