A1 Closet Refashioned

In the Zone Children’s Ministry, we have restructured our entire ministry so we can become more intentional in the things that truly matter in the eternal sense. We have broken down our team to focus on Relations and Program. I fall under program (Elementary Program to be exact) and will work on developing our spiritual content of our program on both of our campuses. My focus is to look long and hard with open eyes at what is working and what is not. What matters and what is just fluff or habit. I feel God is at work in this move and is blazing a trail in effective ministry to Kids.

Spearheading the Elementary program also means I inherit lots and lots of task and materials. My first task has been to reorganize a walk-in closet and get it ready so I can keep things organized enough prepare our various Elementary programs.

A1 Closet Before

A1 (Let’s just say “in transition”)

A1 Closet After

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