Good ol’ Charleston!

Pete was able to join some of the Brentwood team last week and head to South Carolina for a Multi-Site Church conference. It was an amazing trip and as always it’s taking days for him to download all of his thoughts and notes and start the expedition from notes to application. Check out some snapshots from the trip!

As we took off from SFO I looked outside the window and had a view of my hometown of Livermore!

Then moments later I had a perfect view of our new home in Brentwood/Discovery Bay!

On our long flight over the Country, Delta (yes… unfortunately not Untied ) had a cool trivia game on the little TV’s. Check out what place I was in! (It didn’t last long…)

We were in the greater Charleston area pretty much the whole time, but it did not disappoint. The downtown looked like it had come right out of the 1800’s with just a fresh coat of paint.

We went to the shrimp Boatin’ area of town and enjoyed some waterside dinning.

The Conference went great and I came away very encouraged and ready to return to my Children’s team with some new energy.

This is what they served as one of the break time snacks! “Shrimp and Grits” Only in the South………..

The BW team Pooped on the way home…

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