The Fall Rewind

Hey everyone!

It has been quite a while since our last “true” update. So, I thought I would sit down and take a shot at it. Well, as I started realizing that I needed to cover all of fall season! Yikes! It’s been a busy fall with lots of fun and excitement as the weather slowly turned from the 100+ degrees down to a brisk 50’s of the late November. (50’s is cold to me ok!!!)

The fall did not change much from the summer. Since June, Bree and I have been focused on each other. We took this year to really establish our marriage and get used to each other. Fall has also has been a busy time at work. Pete works as the Elementary Program Coordinator for both campuses at Cornerstone Fellowship and Bree as been loving working at a retail store that just so happens to be next door to Cornerstone. So, it’s been busy but a fantastic time with amazing experiences.

But to give you the best picture of what we been up to lately, I couldn’t think of anything better then a video! This video is essentially an overview of our Fall season. We carved pumpkins, held the annual CandyZone 08 (our churches Halloween alternative), took a short trip to Monterey, Pete was able to help out at the first Brentwood campus baptisms, headed down to Apple Valley for Thanksgiving, and decorated our living room for Christmas!!! Wow! I’m exhausted just from typing it all out! Well, enjoy the picture show!

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