Our Holiday through the lens!

To start off the holidays, we drove down to San Diego to visit Bree’s family! We hung out on the beach, played disc golf on a golf course, and then drove to Apple Valley for the Trostrud Family Thanksgiving!

Then we got into the Christmas mood by heading over to the infamous Deacon Dave’s on our way to get a Christmas Tree.

We ended up celebrating three Christmas mornings!
Christmas #1: We flew down to San Diego to enjoy Christmas with the Bree’s family! It was the first time in 6 years that all the kids were together for Christmas because Mom and Dad are missionaries to Papua New Guinea. They are home on furlough for one year.

Christmas #2: We had our first “at home” Christmas morning at our little home this year! It was wonderful. That afternoon, Pete’s mom and little brother came over and we all went to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Christmas #3: On December 27th we headed over to Pete’s folks for an Ammerman family Christmas morning! Christmas was late at the Ammerman household because Dad is a pilot and had to fly on Christmas day. After a great moringing we held the annual Gingerbread house competition!

New years was great as Bree’s parents drove up from San Diego and we spent a few days together! We played lots of cards and checked out Avatar in 3D. We all watched the Times Square Ball drop with my Pete’s mom at their home!

We had VERY blessed holiday full of joy and fellowship!

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