Last weekend we had a real great chance to head up to Hume Lake for some family time.  Bree’s Brother, Sean was graduating from the Joshua Wilderness Institute, which is an intense 9-month College discipleship program run by Hume Lake Christian Camp.  Bree and I are actually alumni from Joshua; we both attended and graduated from the ’05-’06 class. The JWI is designed to help college aged young adults take 9-months out of life their busy hectic lives to truly lean how to draw close to the Lord (without distractions) and understand His calling on they’re lives.

Joshua Wilderness Institute Building in Winter

Along side of Sean’s celebration, we celebrated a rather large milestone.  We celebrated Bree’s mom’s 50th b-day!  She thought we were just there for the weekend from Sean grad…  but to her surprise, we were there for close to a week!  Not only that, but all of her children were there as Bree’s older brother, Ryan, drove down from Idaho with his wife and child!  That was very important because with Bree’s parents being missionaries, we don’t get to have them in the states but every 3-4 years. Needless to say, it was a blast!

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