In Between Chapters

Morro Bay Getaway, Just Me and Pete and a beach town all to ourselves! We stayed in a beautiful hotel room that felt like a 5 star bungalow. The only downside  however was that most of the trip was spent in jeans and sweatshirts due to coastal fog. I learned not to start a vacation with too high expectations, mine were high for Hot weather. But aside from the weather Pete and I had a Blast! We rode our bikes all over town, we ate some incredible fish and chips, we walked through the seaside shops and art galleries, and witnessed sunsets at Morro Rock – Ah Bliss! And to top it off the hotel gave us free breakfast at a cool little diner every single morning. One morning I ordered a cinnamon roll and it came to me the size of a frisbee! I wish I could say that I ate it all but it was too big. The last day we drove 10 minutes out of Morro bay to Cambria, and there was NO Fog in sight! We ran down to the beach and soaked in the sun for the rest of the day. Too bad we didn’t figure that out sooner 🙂

The Ammerman Family Camp Out! We packed up the cars and spent 4 days and 3 nights at New Melones Lake near Angels Camp. This was the first time the Ammermans had gone tent camping in over a decade! It couldn’t have been more fun! our days looked like this: morning coffee, fellowship and breakfast around a fire as the sun slowly rises and brings the heat. around 11am the heat is too unbearable and we walk down the hill to the water, each carrying our own floaties. With no shade we bake in the sun and swim in the water untill about 2. Hiking up the hill we make sandwiches and quickly realize that we are too hot to be out of the water, so we hike down the hill and swim till around 4. Dinner has never tasted better as we indulge in grilled spicy fajitas with sautéed bell peppers, hand-made juicy hamburgers and fire blackened hot dogs with grilled onions. This is our favorite time of day, feeling great after a shower and lounging by the fire as the cool breeze picks up and the temperature drops to perfection. We watch the sunset and roast marshmallows for smores as we tell progressive stories about zombie dinosaurs and zombie underwear. The stars at night make you feel so small and God so infinite. We all Cheer as we see the Largest shooting star of our lifetimes. Back in the tent we gather around to play knush and yhatzee and then head to bed exhausted from the day and so excited to do it again tomorrow.

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