7 Replies to “Our New Apartment at NTBI!”

  1. Wow, you guys have accomplished a TON of stuff in the few days you’ve been there. Boxes unpacked, pictures on the wall, the place already looks like a home! So glad to see all the details. Kinda jealous for the awesome views and all the character that’s obvious as part of the building. What a blessing!

    Can’t wait to see a how-to video from Bree on how to use the kitchen, even with some of the limitations.

    Thanks again for the video!!!!

  2. Hey Guys! The apartment is great I am so happy for you.. ALOT of green to get used to forPete.. We have been talkin about when Im all patched up and back on my feet coming to see youguys.. Love the blog and the pics and stuff keep them coming makes me feel like im there with ya!
    Love ya

  3. Congrats Bro and Sis!
    That place looks awesome! I can’t believe you guys found a place nicer than Joshua! Jenn and I may need to find some time to head north to see you guys.
    Your apartment looks like you guys have been there for years. Good Job Bree!

    We love you guys!
    Brandon and Jenn

  4. Love your apartment, looks like you’ve been there for awhile. Has it been a week!!!!! I showed Jeff, Jaime and Jer you video while waiting in our car for a realitor to go through our house. Weird yeah weird, anyway they loved the apartment.
    Love you guys and miss you very much,

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