Want to JOIN the Team!

Along with praying, joining in the effort, or going with us, you can also join the team by giving financially!   As we are students in full-time training, we are left with a limited window of time to reach out to the 63 MKs around us at the school.  For us to have the ability to use that time to work with MKs, we will need to be supported financially.

Financial Support

Your financial support will help in these ways:

Training – Your support will allow us to take three years to study God’s Word in-depth.   As students we learn that the whole Bible is the story of a missionary God seeking worshippers of every kindred, tribe and tongue. As we study every book of the Bible from that perspective we will sense the urgency and see the purpose of not only growing in our knowledge of the Bible, but also preparing to share our understanding with a dark and needy world.

Reach the unreached – We fully believe that the Lord has called us to go to the ends of the world to make disciples of all nations.  To make this happen it takes a team – a team with many different players.  Each player has different functions and talents that play a crucial part in the whole of the team.  Your support will allow us to join the team and help shepherd Missionary Kids (MKs) living overseas and encourage them in their personal walks with Christ.

MK Ministry – We believe God has put a passion on our heart to reach out to MKs.  While we are at training, we have the unique opportunity to connect with about 60 MK students who live and attend the training along side us.  Our goal is to reach out to these brothers and sisters and build relationships with them.  Through God’s provision, your support will allow us the time and finances needed for us to learn about their lives on the mission field, understand their struggles, and celebrate their victories.  All in an effort to better understand the intricacy of MK life as we feel they are especially valuable to the community of God.

How to Join the team financially?

New Tribes Mission has helped us out tremendously by opening a support account for us.  Now, you can send all support through NTM using their easy giving systems.

Important Note-  Because we are still considered “NTM Candidates” and not yet “NTM Members” all giving is not Tax-deductible.  Only once we complete the full training can we become NTM Members and receive the tax status.  So, please understand that all financial gifts are considered “love offerings” and will not qualify as a tax benefit.

Ways you can give:

Give by Electronic Funds Transfer [EFT]:
The most efficient and cost-effective way for you to partner with us financially.

Our account # is 804 693 / Peter and Bree Ammerman.

Using automatic transfers frees you from writing checks and using stamps. This EFT form needs to be completed, printed, signed, and submitted by fax or mail.  (You can also get this PDF form under the “Electronic Funds Transfer” link found on http://www.ntm.org/give)  If you have ANY questions or concerns… please check the EFT FAQ and Help! page on NTM’s website, or contact us!

Give by phone:
To give by phone using a credit card or debit card, call 866-547-2460.

Our account # is 804 693 / Peter and Bree Ammerman.

This is NTM’s main office, and a real person will help you over the phone if you call them during their office hours.

Give by mail:

Make all checks payable to “New Tribes Mission” and specify “for the ministry of Peter and Bree Ammerman” – and send to:

New Tribes Mission
1000 E. First St.
Sanford, FL 32771-1487

Thanks for your consideration on joining the team!  We are thankful and excited to partner with you.


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