Company for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  This year we were blessed to have five MKs come over to share Christmas Day with us.  We related with these guys as their families are currently living overseas and they didn’t have family to spend Christmas with! Along with enjoying a true white Christmas, we all had a blast as we played games, watched Christmas movies, and ate a fantastic feast that Bree cooked up.  Among other games, we played “worst-case scenario” which is a survival trivia game.  It was a perfect game to play with MKs as the questions we easy as most of them had experienced the scenarios in their childhoods overseas!  It would ask questions like, “How do you cross a Piranha infested river” and the guys had lively debates saying things like, “well, usually I tried crossing at night as long as I didn’t have an open cut!” It was hilarious to listen to them talk about their experiences.  We all had a blast and it was great company for us as we were missing family back home.  Thanks for the company boys!

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