MTC Life – Work Detail


Picture 912 - edit

         As students at the New Tribes Missionary Training Center, we are each given campus jobs.  The goal is to keep tuition as low as possible by not needing to hire workers.

IMG_2705Bree is one of the training center receptionists. Along with answering calls and questions, she has been working on the project of creating files on the computer for every student (or couple) who has attended the training since the 1970’s.  She also organizing thousands of scanned documents into their folders.



Pete in on the grounds crew team.  His team works on ALL kinds of seasonal projects on the property.  Everything from cutting dead trees out of the forest to mowing the MANY acres of lawn/fields, falls into their job description.



Pete is also responsible to maintain the dust on our dirt roads by driving the water tanker and spraying them down.  How cool is that!?!



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