MK ReEntry Seminar 2014

8.11.14 Biola MK ReEntry

This July, Bree and I were able to partner with the Narramore Christian Foundations’ MK ReEntry Seminar at Biola University.  It was an incredible 2-week program that gave MKs a unique chance to process their cross-cultural transition to the USA as well as into college.

This FUN-FILLED seminar had some very practical objectives:

Orientation: We talked about American culture—the good and the bad, college life, friendships and dating, and finances. There was several off-campus social and recreational outings, including the beach, and an amusement park.

Assessment: Personality tests that assess personal adjustment and identify growing edges.

Adjustment: Christian educators and counselors, with a heart for missions and a love for teens, encouraged and guided students in addressing areas for personal, social, and spiritual growth.

Challenge: Daily meetings, nightly dorm devotions, and informal conversations with staff and fellow MKs challenged students to trust God more fully and give new understanding to the Christian life.

MK ReEntry14

One of the students said:

“As my family and I left South America earlier this year I didn’t shed a tear. All I felt was an empty numb feeling. All my lifelong friends where at the airport to see us off but I still couldn’t feel it.
I wondered what I was missing; why couldn’t I feel it?
This morning I felt it, all of it, as I said goodbye to all of you I felt that I was also saying goodbye to South America.
Thank you all so much for, well everything, I have felt a new kind of friendship with all of you that I have never felt before.
It all seems like a dream now that I’m back in the USA, but I will never forget the Reentry seminar.”

What a joy it was to be a part of this amazing program. We can’t wait for next year!

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