Apartment Layout

We received the layout of our on-campus 2 bedroom apartment today!  We are REALLY excited to learn that our apartment is in the main building and will not be off campus.    While most married couples/families live in a special building, we will be in the main building with most of the single students.  This plays into two major factors. 1) we will not have to travel or go outside in the notorious midwest winter to get to class. Yahoo!!!  2) We will be much more available to the single MK students of whom we want to get to know.

Here are some shots of our place.  (Don’t mind the construction as they are working on the room to get it ready)

 In typical fashion, Bree and I have already busted out the ruler and calculator and created mini-scale furniture pieces to plan out our furnishing attack!  One room will serve as our bedroom/study/office/art room and the other will be the kitchen/hangout/TV room.  Our goal is to really open up our home and make it a readily available hang out for MKs and all our other classmates.

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