Quick Snapshot

Pete’n’Bree Update:

Whirlwind, hurricane, tornado… No, not words describing the weather here (yet…) but rather words to describe life here! It has only been a few days but things are moving so fast. Right away we had a dozen people helping us move in, half a dozen knocking on our door introducing themselves – making us feel welcome.  Half a dozen young married couples inviting us to game nights and meals, and even hosting game nights ourselves! We’ve gotten to know many MKs from mostly South America like Brazil and Columbia and a tons from PNG!

School Update:

After a few days of school orientation, we have officially started our classes. Our school splits semesters into five, three week blocks.  Our first “block” consist of Biblical Foundations, Bibliology, Evangelism in the Postmodern world, and the book of Job.  Some classes are one block while some can span up to three blocks (9 weeks).  I will go into detail in a later post about our schedule and specific classes.

Ministry Update:

Honestly, we are walking into each day saying “how is this going to work…” and then we always seem to end the day saying “wow!… how did that work out so well!?”  God is really driving this ministry and we continually realize more everyday how little Bree and I do and how much God does!  We just have to be faithful to be open and SHOW UP!  If you are like me and you want to hear about some of the details – here is a little snapshot of the current lay-of-the-land.  There are 63 MKs from about 15 different countries living all around us on campus. MKs actually make up about about 1/3 of the student body.  Not to mention most of the staff themselves are MKs!  Our ministry so far has just been focused on getting to know them as we have the opportunities to do so.

To do that, we are asking God to open the door and we are seeing that happen in the classroom, hallways, and on the sports field.  We are then opening our door to them to help however we can.  They ask for help for everything from how to buy a pillow to just needing someone to chat with.  As we rely on the Lords leading we hope to begin a regular meeting or hangout of MKs with the purpose of fellowship.  We have found that once they establish friendships with others around campus – things seem to quickly get smoother for them.  One other amazing praise report is that New Tribes heard about us and the official “MK Shepherding” ministry is coming to our campus to meet with our MK classmates and to meet up with Bree and I!  We are REALLY excited about the opportunity to meet with them and to join their efforts to reach out and shepherd MKs.  As always… more to come later!


5 Replies to “Quick Snapshot”

  1. How awesome to see the Lord meeting you even in Wisc. What an awesome update. We’re still praying for both of you.

  2. Great news, sounds like things are falling into place. So excited to hear about all the MK activity. Can’t wait to hear what the shepards of MK have to
    offer. God is in the works…………

  3. So cool to hear everythin that is happening. I’m so excited to hear about the shepards visit. You guys are there for a reason and God will open doors and close doors for you. Can’t wait to hear what doors open. Love all the information keeps us in tune with you. You are missed, we talk about you alot so bet your ears are always ringing!

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