Thanksgiving Break

We had a great Thanksgiving Break this year!  We went to the Barth’s home (NTBI Staff) for Thanksgiving Supper along with the MKs and students who stayed at NTBI for Break.  It was a packed home with over 25 people!  We watched football, played football (in the 25 degree weather), played games, and of course enjoyed a yummy supper and fellowship! 

After hanging out with the Barth’s, we all came back to the school and watched Home Alone together.   I forgot how much I LOVE that movie!

One Reply to “Thanksgiving Break”

  1. Yum-Great spread! Happy Thanksgiving. I’m glad you were able to spend it with people you care about-your NTBI and MK family. Matt’s mom and dad came up for Thanksgiving this year. It was truly a relaxing few days.

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