First Snow of the Year!


 It took until December, but we finally had some snowfall here in Wisconsin!  It snowed about 2-3 inches overnight and so we woke up to a beautiful white winter wonderland!  We are throughly enjoying the snow for now but we anticipate that we will struggle to have the same enthusiasm once we have had to deal with the midwest winter for a  few months…  Also, Pete has snow shoveling duty starting monday which means if it snows, he will have to wake up at 5am to shovel snow! (Yikes!) Also, the forecast says we are in for subzero temperatures in the near future!   All I can say is that we are enjoying it all while temperatures are still reasonable, but we know we’re in for a challenging few months.  So it begins…

2 Replies to “First Snow of the Year!”

  1. Hey Guys!
    I remember some great times shoveling snow before the sun came up! I have a great pic that Pete gave me of us out front of Joshua as the sun was rising behind us. Good Times!

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