What it’s all about?…

What we desire to make clear is our motivation in this ministry.  As we study scripture we see that God has a plan and vision for the world.  This plan is the greatest calling to our lives.  His plan is to reach every tribe, tongue, and nation with the Gospel and to make disciples.  That is what we desire to be about.  As we look to what God is doing, we believe He has given us an awareness into the fact that caring and supporting missionary families is vital and is part of our responsibilities as the body of Christ.

Support roles in the missions community are incredibly important.  To keep a missionary family in a tribe, with the resources and time it takes to study and understand a language/culture enough to translate the bible, takes many hands.  It typical takes 6 support missionaries to keep one missionary in the tribe.  Support roles include pilots, teachers, doctors, accountants, supply buyers, trainers, IT techs, MK caregivers, and SO much more.  I recently heard a story from a missionary pilot who explained how he fit into the puzzle.  He flew supplies into a tribal village where there was a missionary team working on the bible translation.
As the pilot stopped into the hut “office” of one of the translators, the translator asked the pilot what he was up to today. “oh… just flying around making the delivery rounds” he said. 
“Nope!” said the translator.  “You are translating Romans 3:3 today!”  How true!  By doing what God has called him to do, that missionary pilot was part of the team that was bringing the gospel to a remote tribe.  Praise God!  That is what we want to be a part of and want to get others on board with.

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