We made it to MTC!

MTC Teacher

We Made It to MTC!

Wow… we are amazed by God once again.  We have officially started classes at the New Tribes Missionary Training Center in Missouri and we could not be more excited. This has been a “next step” for some time and it has finally begun.  What really amazes us is how God provided for us to get here.  Last May, we looked at the increasingly intimidating mountain of financial support that would be needed and… we shook in our boots. All we knew was this was the next step and if He wanted us there, He would have to get us there.  Well, we watched as God used many of YOU to partner with us to send us to Papua New Guinea this last October and now here to the training.  We wanted to thank all of you who prayed for us and came behind us financially these last few months.  We are here in class because of what God did through you and we are cannot wait to dive in.  This is some of best missionary training in the world and we are humbled to be apart of it.

classThe incoming spring semester classes are typically on the smaller side and our class is no exception.  There are nine of us in our class, but boy are we diverse!  We have three married couples and three single ladies.  We have Germany, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, New Jersey, Illinois, and California all represented in our small class! We all take the same subjects together and get to join in with the other classes on campus a few times a week for chapel and other events. 

Though small, our apartment is great! Plenty of room for us to live, study, and have folks over.  The campus is situated on a cove of the Lake of the Ozark and is beautiful.  Lots of places to enjoy the outdoors once it gets a bit warmer! 😉

house                         lake

Thanks again for sending us to training! We are confident in the Lord that we are in the right place and look forward to learn all He has for us here. 

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