Please Pray – MK Winter Retreat!

This weekend Bree and I have the awesome opportunity to go with 18 MKs to a College MK Retreat in Indiana!  We’re excited to build relationships and connect with over 150 other MKs from all around the Midwest colleges.

Please pray!

Please pray specifically for:

  • Pray for the travels back and forth from WI to IN.
    • Thanks for all of you have already been praying for this trip as the weather is looking to be perfect (other than REALLY cold!) 😉
  • Pray for the Fellowship between all the MKs.
  • Pray for message that will be brought by NTMs very own Steve Swope.
    • Pray for Steve as he has been fighting sickness this week.
  • Pray for the individual MKs to have a deepened relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray for networking opportunities with others involved in ministry to MKs.

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