End of Winter Update

 I thought I would give a little update as to how things are going over here in WI. 


         Things been going great and we just finished a little over half of our sophomore semester here at NTBI.  I would be lying if I didn’t mention that it has been a bit  crazy (dare I say overwhelming) with our current homework/study load.  I mean it has been busy but it has been an extremely fruitful and rewarding time.  This is a notoriously heavy semester of reading as it is but then we had the opportunity to take an additional course called “Perspectives”.  Perspectives is a missions focused course that is available all over the country and even internationally now.  If you ever have the chance to take Perspectives in your local area, I HIGHLY recommend it. (check out if it’s in your area!)  It is a decent commitment both financially and time wise… but well worth it.  It’s one of those classes I think everyone in the body of Christ should take. 

Classes we just finished or are currently in the middle of this semester: Hermeneutics 2, Theology Proper, Prophets, Life of Christ, Anthropology/Harmartiology, Christology, Islam, Mormonism, and Perspectives.

So when you add all that homework, plus a few electives classes and modules, you end up with 5-7 hours of homework most every single night!  Yikes!  Thought we are definitely looking forward to a nice summer break… we really are truly enjoying and growing tremendously in these awesome studies.  You just can’t ask for more!




Ministry to Missionary Kids:

         This semester has been quite a different one compared to last semester due to homework and studying, but it still has been great.  I love taking guys out to coffee and hearing about their childhoods and how life has been going lately in the states and Bree has been having girls’ nights in which they bake goodies or watch movies!  (or both!!!)  One thing we are particularly excited about right now is the launch of a campaign through Barnabas International call “Buck and a Stamp!”  This is an awesome and EASY opportunity to get involved in ministry to Missionary Kids and families by sending in $1 to help fund this summers MK re-entry retreats across the country.  This is a simple campaign and easy to pass around!  So, let’s make these retreats available to as many MKs as possible!  (Check out the Facebook Event Page)  

Though we are looking forward to next semester as our schedules should (God willing) be much more relaxed, God has been creating opportunities for us to get involved even in this busy semester.


Wisconsin Weather:

         I am so happy to announce that the snow is finally melting away and we can see the ground!  The temperature as of late has been in the 30’s-40’s range but this week we had temps soar to high 50’s!  Let me tell you… it is HEAVENLY!  In California I would still be in a heavy jacket when it was in the 50s… but now with this thick blood… we’re in t-shirts! I know we still have a little bit of weather funks left where we will see temps fall back down to the 30’s and possible snow… but we are making progress and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Praise God!



Fun stuff

          The NTBI Tribal Cup is but a week away!  The Tribal Cup is a tournament held once a semester where the two NTBI campuses square off on the sports field.  Last semester we traveled to the Jackson, MI campus and this semester they are coming here.  The sports being played this time around is indoor soccer, volleyball, football, and Basketball.   I have the awesome opportunity to play for our indoor soccer team and Bree is on the Volleyball team!  We have a great teams this semester and I really think we’re going to bring it to Jackson!  Go Waukesha!

Lastly, it is confirmed that we WILL be able to make it home to California this summer for a month.  We can’t WAIT to see everyone and enjoy the beautiful California weather!

Well, that’s the update for now!  Life currently = classes, homework/studying, sports practice, and sleep!  However, it’s been great and we know we are here for a reason and we are praising God for the opportunity! 

Love you all.

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